Phone Lines

If your business phone lines are through one of the larger service providers such as Telstra or Optus, you are more than likely paying more for your phone calls than if you got the same service through i-Telecoms. We specialize in providing cheap business landline phone plans for small to medium sized businesses.

We can provide:

PSTN, ISDN, Multiline, VoDSL from providers like Telstra and Optus.

ISDN basic rate

A Telstra product that provides 2 channels per connected link.

ISDN Primary rate

ISDN primary rate is supplied by many telco’s. The service is delivered over a dedicated data link and starts generally with a minimum 10 channels (Lines). This can be increased to a maximum of 30 channels.

Telstra PSTN lines

PSTN lines are an analog service supplied by Telstra and resold by all Telcos. ADSL is commonly bundled on these copper lines.