Business Terms and Conditions

Call Charges, Rates and Fees
i) All rates and fees are in Australian dollars
ii) All rates and charges are inc. GST unless specified differently
iii) prices quoted do not include any on-site costs unless specified
iv) Call charges shall apply for any answered call whether the called party is an answering machine, disconnected service, wrong number, service switch-off announcement or actual conversation. The call charge begins when the call is answered and ends when the call is terminated
vi) Integrated Telecoms will conduct a rate review every twelve months and will advise the Customer on any variation of the call rate within two (2) working days notice before the rate change takes effect. The continuation of the use of the Service constitutes an acceptance of the revised call rates.
vii) You acknowledge and agree that before commencing supply of the service we may, as reasonably determined by us, need to modify or install equipment and make arrangements with other suppliers for the provision of the service;
viii) Integrated Telecoms reserves the right to vary the method of provisioning the services and the equipment used to provide the service. However any such variation will not impair the provision of the services to the Customer.
ix) You must comply with any reasonable instructions given by us and provide all information and assistance reasonably required by us, in order to enable us to comply with any request or direction of a government agency, emergency services organisation or other competent authority for reasons of health, safety or the quality of the service;
x) If you re-supply the service to an end user you agree that you will be responsible for receiving from and responding to, the end user directly in relation to fault reports and other complaints or enquiries about the service. You are solely responsible for billing, invoicing and collecting payments from that end user in respect of the service and you will be liable for the service regardless of the extent to which you are able to recover charges from the end user.
ii) Upon signing the service form , customers are required to pay in full the equipment costs and any initial one-off charges before service activation.

Use of Service
You or your customer must not use or permit any use of the service:
i) to transmit any defamatory, abusive, menacing, threatening, harassing or illegal material or any unsolicited material of an offensive, obscene or indecent nature or otherwise contrary to law or any applicable code of conduct;
ii) in any manner which constitutes a violation or infringement of any duty or obligation on contract or tort or otherwise, to any third party; or
iii) in, or in relation to, the commission of an offence against any applicable law.
iv) The Customer is responsible for all usage charges in respect of the use of the services whether or not such usage was authorized by the customer as it is the Customer’s responsibility to maintain the security of the means of access to the Services and ensure unauthorized use does not occur. All fraudulant use will need to be paid for in full.
v) Due to the nature of the services and technology Integrated Telecoms will not be held liable financially or otherwise for any loss of business due to any service outages. The customer is solely responsible for the security of the phone system and hardware to prevent PBX hacking or Toll Fraud. Integrated Telecoms will place a credit limit by default on all SIP accounts as a safety measure to help limit any fraudulent activity.
vi) Integrated Telecoms will pass all third party suppliers’ hardware, software and service warranties to the Customer.

Service Level
i) Integrated Telecoms will use reasonable endeavours to maintain the service levels and will undertake to provide the service using all the reasonable skill and care of a competent carriage service provider;
ii) Integrated Telecoms Performance targets
Integrated Telecoms guarantees 99.9% network availability
Integrated Telecoms guarantees 99.9% availability of customer equipment that is under a Integrated Telecoms maintenance agreement.
Availability means a measurement of the percentage of the voice service is operative.
iii) When network availability is compromised in excess of one hour during a calendar month is identified, the customer may receive a Service Rebate for the downtime
iv) Where you report faults with the service, we will promptly perform, or arrange to be performed, appropriate tests to determine the location and cause of any fault. You must provide all necessary assistance to enable location and repair of any fault which is our responsibility or the responsibility of an outside supplier whose the network MyNetFone is interconnected to;
v) Where we determine, acting reasonably, that there is a fault within the Integrated Telecoms service, we are responsible for correcting the fault;
vi) We resell broadband links from other providers. The service level is in accordance with the Service Level Agreement provided by the respective providers.
vii) The performance of the broadband links provided is subject to the quality and conditions of the physical lines and the distance from the local exchange
viii) We are responsible for the network performance up to the point of demarcation. The service level and quality beyond the demarcation point is the responsibility of the customer
ix) We provide free technical support remotely during business hours between 8.30 to 6 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) AEST for the part of the network service that we provide, and do not provide support for any part that is not supplied by Integrated Telecoms.
x) For after-hours and weekend support, Integrated Telecoms charges an after-hour support fee per request, and undertakes to respond back to the customer within an hour. The time taken to resolve the problems/faults may take longer than this.
xi) There will be a fee charged for on-site technical support by Integrated Telecoms staff. The fee must be agreed before Integrated Telecoms staff go on-site.
xii) We are not responsible for any fault which is within the network of any interconnected other supplier. We will notify that other supplier of the fault and request that the fault be corrected promptly but will bear no further liability or responsibility.
xiii) The following exclusions are applicable
Unavailability due to customer environmental issues such as lack of air-conditioning and power brown-out or outage at the Customer site will not be accepted
Unavailability due to excessive traffic as a result of activity such as spamming, virus attacks and denial of service will not be accepted
Major cable cuts, acts of god, war, Government directions and strikes and lock-outs are excluded from the service level targets
xiv) Where payments to MyNetFone for equipment and/or services are overdue the Customer will not be entitled to claim a rebate for network unavailability.