Business VoIP Lines & SIP Trunks For Your Business

Join the VoIP REVOLUTION and start saving money now!

With VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), all your business calls are made over your broadband connection. It works just like your traditional land line service, but at a fraction of the cost.

SIP Compatablity

Our VoIP SIP Trunks are being used right now on the following brands

Samsung, NEC, Panasonic, Avaya, Shoretel, Snom, 3cx, Vodia, Asterisks, FreePBX, Hybrex, LG, Toshiba, MyPBX and Microsoft Lync (Skype Business)

I-telecoms SIP Quick Connect for your PABX


I-telecoms SIP trunks are easy to set up using your existing phone system, provides crystal clear sound and comes with your own unique phone number.

Whats included​​

  • Incoming Caller ID
  • No flag fall charges
  • Free calls between i-telecom to i-telecom customers
  • 10c local and national calls
  • 18c per minute mobile calls
  • International call starts at 3c
  • Convenience of single bill for internet, inbound 1300, 1800, land line & phone

What’s SIP Trunking?

i-Telecoms SIP Trunks are a business grade voice solution that ensure only the necessary amount of concurrent business calls can be made or received. (So no more rental costs for unused copper lines.) Some people see it as an ISDN digital replacement.

Benefits of I-telecoms SIP trunking and VoIP;

Through the reduced installation cost, replacing multiple phone lines with a single data link and the lower prices you will get with business VoIP it is possible to save up to 50% off your regular phone bill with our IP telephony solutions

Let’s say you have 10 different business phone numbers. It’s pretty unlikely all 10 lines will be engaged every second of the day for either incoming or outgoing calls.

At best, you might find that only four of those numbers are in use at any given time. (That’s four concurrent calls).

With a standard PSTN service, you’d be paying line rental of approx. $40 for each of those 10 lines. With SIP Trunking you can still have 10 lines available and only pay a fraction of the cost for 1 data line.

If you know you’ll only need a certain number of lines available at any given time, why pay for more?

Retrofit your Old PABX and join the Voip Revolution.

What do you get?

  • Low line rental rates
  • Purchase lines in single increments
  • No flagfall charges
  • Free i-telecoms to i-telecoms SIP calls
  • Caller ID Free
  • Free internal extension dialling
  • Low national & international rates
  • Convenience of one internet & phone bill
  • New numbers or Port your own

How much do I-telecoms SIP trunks cost?

You will need an internet connection which is either separate for the Voice or one that is big enough to cater for Voice and internet traffic. This is something we can work out and supply you. POA

  • Monthly Voice Plans starting from $9.50/month
  • Call Rates start as per table below; We also cater to large clients and call centers and for rates for larger call volumes POA.

local calls


Per call

National calls


Per min

International calls

from 3c

Per min

Calls to mobile


Per min - charged per 60 second block (24 hrs, 7 days)

i-telecoms SIP numbers


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How is VoIP and SIP trunking really going to help my business?

​VOIP provides both a technical advantage and a price advantage. i-Telecoms VoIP and SIP Trunking is a business grade voice solution that ensures only the necessary amount of concurrent calls can be made or received using your internet connection. (So no more costly rental for unused copper lines.) ​For example, you have 8 traditional PSTN lines in rotary costing you monthly around $40/m. total cost per month in rental is $320 With an i-telecoms ADSL bundle for $129/m you can have 8 concurrent calls saving you $191/m + call cost savings​

Retrofit your PABX

8 Port Cisco ATA adapter

VoIP lines, SIP trunks, SIP connect

8 Port VoIP adapter

This Adapter connects to your internet connection and converts your VoIP lines into analog lines. These lines then connect just like old Telstra analog lines to your PABX. they can either replace your existing lines or be added as additional lines