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Toll Fraud On Your Telephone System

Take some simple steps to prevent a financial loss.

It has been brought to our attention that there has been an increase in toll fraud occurring at some customer sites. Hackers have been accessing computer networks to gain User Names and Passwords of VoIP accounts, and also manipulating voicemail systems to make outbound calls at the customers expense.


Toll Fraud On Your Telephone System

Toll Fraud. It’s a Crime

These hackers are primarily based overseas and they are selling phone cards to mostly unsuspecting people and these calls are made against your account. Many fraudsters make a small number of calls over an extended period. If you see calls to Nigeria and you are not in the oil business, something may be amiss.

If your business falls victim to this crime, you are still 100% liable for the call costs.



How Can I Defend My Business against Toll Fraud On Your Telephone System?

1. Use complex passwords and change them regularly. Don’t use simple passwords that can be guessed easily.

2. Voicemail Box passwords must be changed from default as the hackers know the default passwords. Some manufacturers recommend the voicemail unit be checked by a qualified technician as the older versions have been found to be unsecure.

Take the time now to do some preventative maintenance on your phone system at a fraction of the cost of what toll fraud could cost.

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